About me

Who I am

I am a graphic designer focusing on multi-page publications. I create paper and digital books.

My clients are indie authors, psychologists, coaches, teachers, wellness specialists and everyone who want to publish a book.

I help authors to turn their text file into a real book. For that, I create interior book layout and design book cover, prepare files for press and convert it to digital formats. As the result, you will get a book that will be easy and pleasant to read, and its structure and subject will be understandable at a glance. Books that I created are sold on Amazon Bookstore and Apple iBook Store.

What I do

Book interior design

To give your reader the best experience possible whether it is a novel or a complex textbook I am making the text legible and readable and make the book’s structure clear at a glance.

Book cover design

Creating different kinds of covers - from the most generic design to a complex photo collages and even illustrations. No matter which type you choose, your cover will stand out in raw.

Preparing for press

Making sure that no problems will occur while submitting your book to a printer, whether it is a self-publishing service like Ingram Spark or KDP, or a local printing company.

Digital books

Converting or creating from scratch ebook in digital formats: MOBI – for Amazon Kindle and EPUB for many other resellers. Designing both reflowable and fixed-layout ebooks.

PDF Documents

Creating colorful PDF ebooks and presentations with interactive features. It could be clickable links and endnotes, fillable areas and forms, embedded audio and video.

Graphic design

Brochures, booklets, leaflets and posters. Creating all kind of print matter design and web graphics. If you need something that I haven’t listed here, don’t hesitate ask me.

How I work

I do not use any pre-designed templates. Each book design is unique, matches your book’s subject matter and appeals to your intended audience.


In my work, I use only professional software, mostly Adobe Creative Suit. I do layout and typesetting in InDesign, draw graphics in Illustrator, retouch photos in Photoshop. In order for your ebook to work correctly, I do not use any automatic ‘one-click’ convertors. Instead, I prepare files in InDesign and then adjust the code manually.


To insure that your images will look as good when printed as they look on screen, I will prepare them for publishing and address any problem what may occur. Nothing goes in raw form. If needed, I will draw or redraw charts and graphs. I also can either pick up some free images for you or help you to buy some on a stock. I can do single illustrations, but if your book require many illustrations, like a children’s picture book for example, I can recommend you a professional illustrator.


I am sending regular updates so you could be involved in the working process. I fully share your wish to get an ideal result. That is why I allow unlimited rounds of review.

Edits and changes

For most changes are inevitable. Therefore, I will make a reasonable number of minor changes for free. However, if your copy is poorly proofread or not been at proofread at all, and the changes will cause significant shift in the layout, I will ask you for additional payment.

What you will get

At the end of the project you will get:

  • For paper books – print-ready PDF files that you will be able to submit to your printer.
  • For digital books – EPUB and MOBI files that you will be able to submit to an ebook reseller.
  • For all project upon request – all working files plus the files of all used images.


For most projects – a couple of 3D images. A 3D image is a visualisation of how your product will look in flesh.

What I do not do

Unfortunately, I cannot help you if:

  • You need a template that you want to populate with content yourself. Or if you are going to make significant changes to the content of your book. I believe that form follows function. Therefore, there is no need to hire me until your copy is complete and fully edited.
  • Your book consists many mathematical, physical or chemical formulas. Such a task would require using a very different program that I currently use.
  • Your book is written in an alphabet other than Latin or Cyrillic.

What I love to do

I love to work on challenging projects, complex layouts with multiple columns, full-color books and magazines, books with many levels of headings, module articles and sections. So my favorite types of books are cookbooks, textbooks, and all kind of coffee table books.

But I also enjoy plain manuscript layouts. I find them particularly beautiful in their simplicity ;)

Legal rights

Unless otherwise is discussed I keep the rights to use the design work I created for you along with your name/company name and trademarks, and a general description of the work I did, as a reference in my portfolio and promotional materials. I keep the right to the elements used in book/ebook interiors and covers. You keep all rights regarding the usage of the design work I created for you.

Refund policy

For projects for which the client has sent an advance payment, if the initial design proposal is not approved for revisions and the project is cancelled, I offer a refund in full, minus the transfer costs. I offer no refunds for work that has been approved by the client and paid for upon competition of the project.